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There it was, finally. Our island. Our very own island. It looked beautiful above the waves of fog, but there was still one question to be answered: why had they sold it to us for only five dollars?



Write a scen that happens in a parking lot between a teenager and a man in a convertible.



Write a story for children. Start with "Once upon a time" or "Long ago in a land far away." Include a dragon, a deadly flower, and a mask.



Image that you are an astronaut who has been doing research on the moon for three years. You are due to go back to earth in a week when nuclear war breaks out onearth. You watch the earth explode. Then what?


The Haunted House

When John Smith, a cocky 7th grader, is challenged by his friends to spend one night alone in a haunted house, he thinks it's going to be easy. There's only one problem: The house used to belong to a creepy loner called Mr. Hunter—and Mr. Hunter's ghost does not like visitors.

Can John surive in the haunted house until dawn?


Go Home

When Sydney Chambers, a geeky teenager, decides to try out for the soccer team, she thinks it will be a great way to make new friends. There's only one problem: The team's grumpy coach, Diana Reynolds, thinks that this year the team has a chance to go the state championships, and she doesn't want an awkward player like Sydney holding them back.

Can Sydney convince Coach Reynolds to put her on the team?


First Crush

Mary Holloway, a timid 10th grader, has a huge crush on Dexter Price, the most dreamy-looking boy at Valley High. There's only one problem: Dexter doesn't know that she exists.

When Mary sees Dexter eating lunch alone in the school cafeteria, she decides to take a chance and put her tray down on his table. Can Mary succeed in getting Dexter to notice her?



Lauren Marsh, a lonely 14-year old, wants to go to the school dance more than anything else in the world. There's only one problem: Her step-mother refuses to give her permission.

When Lauren decides to sneak out of the house and go to the dance anyway, she knows that she is taking a big risk. Will Lauren find happiness at the school dance, or will she only succeed in getting into a heap of trouble?


The Spaceship

Stephen Stewart is the youngest astronaut onboard the spaceship Pioneer, and it's his job to keep the engine running smoothly. So when the Gallium generator malfunctions on a trip to Mars, the ship's captain, Samantha Powers, blames him.

Determined to save his job and his reputation, Stephen rolls up his sleeves and gets to work in the ship's engine room. But after running a few diagnostic tests, he realizes that the problem is far more serious than anyone has realized.

Will Captain Powers give him permission to do what must be done—and can he do it before the spaceship explodes?


The Bully

Diane Hayes is a quiet student who always does her homework. She studies four hours every night, because she knows that getting a scholarship is her only chance of getting into college.

There's only one problem: Otis Watts, the school bully, wants to copy her homework every morning before school. This puts Diane in a bind: If she let's him copy her homework, she may get an F for cheating. On the other hand, if she refuses, Otis has promised to "rearrange her face."

Can Diane stand up to Otis without getting her face smashed?


Murder Mystery

The following blurbs are unfinished drafts.


When a dead body is found in Griffith Park, a shy detective called Alejandro starts asking questions. However, a police officer called Felipe wants him to quit being so nosy. Can Alejandro solve the case, or will he get himself into more trouble?


My Rich Girlfriend

Wesley comes from a poor family, but his girlfriend, Sandy, is rich. When she invites to her house to meet her parents, he thinks he has entered heaven. But then her father asks Wesley to step outside for a private conversation . . .


The Magic Pebble

Amy is a young girl who is studying magic under the famous wizard, Zolar. But when Zolar gets sick, it falls on Amy to save the universe from the evil wizzard Binky. Can a magic pebble help Amy to succeed in her mission?


The Tiger

Randal is a game warden on an African wildlife preserve. He is hunting some poachers who have been killing wild tigers for their paws. When poacher kill a mother tiger and leave the her cub behind, Randal is forced to care for the baby cub. Randal is determined to one day catch the poachers who killed the cubs mother, but they are well-armed and determined to stay out of jail.



When Ken Spencer gets bitten by a large dog, he doesn't think much about it—until he starts to gain the senses and strength of a wild animal. As the full moon approaches, he feels an urge to hunt. When Ken realizes that he's turning into a werewolf, he become scared for his girlfriend. And he's also nervous about Arturo Grahm, a werewolf hunter who is determined to prove that werewolf's really do exist.


Parent Expectations

Bert Wagnar, a fashion-conscious middle schooler, dreams of becoming a fashion designer. But his parents want him to become a lawyer. Now Bert is faced with a choice. Will he please his father, or will he pursue his own dreams?


An Old-Fashioned Christmas

Anglea is a photographer with a successful career in New York. When her parents invite her home for Christmas, she worries that she won't find much to do in the small town that she grew up with. As she spends her days in the town doing Christmas activities, nothing seems very magical—until she runs into her old high school boyfriend, Sam. Will Angela and Sam be able to capture that old-fashioned Christmas spirit?


I Fell in Love with a Vampire

Anita Daniel thinks that she has found the perfect boyfriend, a tall boy called Philip. He's kind and gentle, and he only has one flaw—he hates the sun. When Anita suspects that Philip might be a vampire, she's forced to make a tough decision.


The Hero's Journey