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Egyptian Priestess

Instructions for the Quiz

Write at least two paragraphs about an Egyptian priestess.

Use 3rd person POV.



  • At least two paragraphs (internet style).
    • Skip a line between paragraphs.
    • Do not indent the first line of each paragraph.
  • Use past tense.
  • Use 3rd Person POV.
    • In other words, when referring to the characters, use the character's name, or use a 3rd person pronoun such as "he" or she".
    • Study the example.


The old man with the long gray beard sat with his back against a thick tree. His legs were tired, but his determination was still strong. His name was Agrak. He planned to rest here for just a few minutes, before proceeding on his journey. He still had a long way to go.

Agrak had a special ability. He could speak the language of the birds. Most birds seemed to recognize this, as if by instinct. So it didn't surprise him when a black bird swooped down and landed on his finger. The bird held a glowing pearl in its mouth.

"What have you there?" asked Agrak.