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Simon Bolivar

Simon Bolivar helped the countries of South America gain freedom from Spain.

Inspired by revolutions in America and France, people of Latin America wanted independence too. A creole named Simon Bolivar led the way. Bolivar was born in 1783 to a wealthy family in Venezuela. After studying Enlightenment ideas at home and in Europe, Bolivar returned to Venezuela and raised an army to fight for independence from Spain. With Spain preoccupied by the Napoleonic Wars, Bolivar achieved victory in his native Venezuela, and then went on to defeat the Spanish in what is now Colombia, Ecuador, and Bolivia. His final victory in Peru ended Spanish rule in South America. Bolivar failed, however, in his dream of bringing South America together in a union. Although he died a discouraged man, Bolivar is remembered as “The Liberator,” and the country of Bolivia is named in his honor.

Simon Bolivar = a Venezuelan military and political leader. He liberated many countries from Spain in South America. Those countries included Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. For a few years he was president of Gran Colombia, a country that no longer exists. The country Bolivia is named after Bolívar.

Venezuela = a country of northern South America on the Caribbean Sea. Its capital city is Caracas.

Colombia = a country in northwestern South America. Its capital city is Bogotá.

Ecuador = a country of northwest South America on the Pacific Ocean. Its capital city is Quito.

Bolivia = a landlocked country of western South America. Once a part of the Inca Empire, the area was conquered by Spain in the 16th century. The country was named after Simón Bolívar, who helped win its independence from Spain in 1825. Its capital city is Sucre.

Peru = a country of western South America that was the center of the Inca Empire. Its capital city is Lima

At the same time Bolivar was fighting for South American independence in the early 1800s, Mexico and countries in Central America were also fighting for their independence from Spain. Meanwhile, Brazil declared its independence from Portugal. In a period of just twenty years, the three-hundred-year European domination of Latin America came to an end.

Mexico = a large country directly south of the United States that was the center of the Aztec Empire.