What is Seterra?

Seterra is a free, online Geography game that can help you improve your mental map of the world.

Why memorize the countries?


For the rest of your life, you will be learning new things about different places. Being able to picture those places in your head makes learning about them more fun. If, for example, you hear about a revolution in Tunisia—that’s hard to get excited about if you can’t even picture Tunisia in your head. If you can, however, that revolution suddenly becomes more interesting.

Playing Seterra is an excellent way to form a darn-good mental map of the world—a map good enough to turn the whole world into an interesting place.

Step 1:

Go to

Step 2:

Choose any continent, then play Seterra until you have memorized the location of every country on that continent.

North America = 13 countries
South America = 13 countries
Australasia =   6 countries
Europe = 38 countries
Asia = 42 countries
Africa = 48 countries

Step 3:

Ask the "Seterra Boss" to test you.

Step 4:

Choose another continent and repeat.

Students who memorize all six continents will earn a certificate!