Welcome to Seterra!

Your first big homework assignment is to memorize the location of all the major countries of the world. We call this assignment Seterra, because Seterra is the name of the computer program you will use to take your tests.

Why memorize the countries?


For the rest of your life, you will be learning new things about different places. Being able to picture those places in your head makes learning about them more fun. If, for example, you hear about a revolution in Tunisia—that’s hard to get excited about if you can’t even picture Tunisia in your head. If you can, however, suddenly that faraway revolution becomes interesting.

Eventually you will forget the exact location of many countries, but the purpose of this assignment is not to turn you into a human atlas. Forcing you to memorize all the countries is simply a way of ensuring that you spend enough time staring at maps to form a darn-good mental map of the world—a map good enough to turn the whole world into an interesting place.

Students who memorize all the countries with a score of 100% will get a certificate for their portfolio!

Step 1:

Play Seterra online (or download the app for a small fee). Seterra is a challenging educational geography game that will help you memorize all the countries of the world.

Play Seterra online


Step 2:

Practice identifying the countries on the following continents: 

  North America   = 13 countries
  South America   = 13 countries
  Australasia   = 6 countries
  Europe   = 38 countries
  Asia   = 42 countries
  Africa   = 48 countries

Step 3:

Demonstrate your knowledge by playing Seterra in the classroom. Show me your score so that I can record it in my gradebook.

You can retake the test as often as you wish, until the final deadline.