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The Scroll Marked 10:

I will pray for guidance.


a piece of clothing

  • This garment should be washed carefully.


to say things about someone that are harmful and usually not true

  • You malign a generous person when you call him stingy.

bear fruit

to produce successful results

  • As the plants grow and start to bear fruit they will need a lot of water.


to be successful, usually by earning a lot of money

  • If you work hard, you will prosper.


a feeling of sympathy for people who are suffering

  • The woman’s compassion for others led her to become a nun.


to heat and then cool a metal in order to make it hard

  • The sword was made of tempered steel.


a sudden feeling that you must do something, without thinking about the results

  • On a sudden impulse, she pushed him into the well.


to remove something with a sudden movement

  • A helicopter plucked him from the sea.



as much as is necessary

  • We have sufficient food for 100 people.


to hold something tightly

  • The old women clutched her purse tightly.