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The Scroll Marked 7:

I will laugh at the world.


a duty or responsibility that is hard to bear

  • I don't want to be a burden on my children.


(from) where

  • It has been returned to the shop from whence it came.


to where

  • Whither are you going?


from this time

  • Where will you be, ten years hence?


a difficult or unlucky situation or event

  • She's cheerful inthe face of adversity.


to give comfort and sympathy to someone who is sad or disappointed:

  • The boys consoled one another after their team’s first defeat.


practical work, especially work that involves physical effort

  • The car parts themselves are not expensive – it’s the labor that costs so much

fruits of [one's] labor

The outcome or rewards of one's work or efforts

  • You worked hard this semester, and straight A's are the fruits of your labor.



to put seeds in the ground so that plants will grow

  • Settlers sowed the seeds they had brought with them.


small or of little importance

  • I don’t have time for petty matters like that.