The Story Question

The conflict in your story is closely related to the story question: Will your hero succeed in achieving their goal? It's the story question that keeps readers turning the pages.

blurb =

A short description of a book that goes on the back cover.


Notice how each of the blurbs below summarizes the conflict and ends with the story question.

When humans suddenly start dying from a mysterious illness, Sarah Walton tries to find out why. But can he defeat the traitors in high places who want to kill her in order to hide the truth?


Lonely, frustrated, and tired of living in a home where she's treated as an upaid servant, Cinderella wants to go to a ball being held at the royal palace. Will she lose this chance for happiness because her selfish godmother accuses her of immorality?


Little Red Riding Hood must deliver a basket of freshly-baked bread to her sick grandmother. On the way, she meets a sneaky wolf who wants to eat her and her bread. Can Little Red Riding Hood escape with her life and protect here dear old grandmother?


A young Jedi warrior, Luke Skywalker, must rescue Princess Leia from the clutches of a galactic empire. A Sith lord, Darth Vader, is determined to stop him. Will Luke succeed in rescuing the beautiful princess?

You can read more examples of blurbs in the lesson on Conflict.

Instructions for the Quiz

Write a blurb between 2-4 sentences long.

If you are writing a narrative for your writing project, I suggest that you write a blurb for your own story.

You could also write a blurb for a well-known story from a movie or fairy tale.