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Country Reports


Welcome to the world of academic writing! In this unit you will write two argumentative research papers, formatted in MLA style. We call these papers "Country Reports" or "MLA Papers".

What is an argumentative research paper?

An argumentative research paper is a paper that tries to convince the reader that something is true. It's different from a summary, which is just a straightforward presentation of facts.



Choosing a Vacation Destination

Imagine that you are trying to decide where to go on vacation. One of your friends says, “Afghanistan is a wonderful country. You should go there. You'll have a wonderful time!"

Your other friend looks horrified. She says, "No, that's a terrible idea. Afghanistan is a horrible country. You should definitely not go there."

How can you know which of your friends is giving you the best advice? Through the adversarial method, of course! Ask each of your friends to write a paper presenting evidence for his or her side of the argument. After you have read both papers, you can make up your own mind. 


In this unit, you are going to have an argument with yourself. First, you will write a paper trying to convince me that ________ is a wonderful country. Then you're going to turn around and try to convince me that this same country is a horrible vacation destination.

Basic Requirements

  1. Organize your papers like a typical 5-paragraph essay:
    • Introduction
    • Body Paragraph 1
    • Body Paragraph 2
    • Body Paragraph 3
    • Conclusion
  2. Your essays should have a thesis.
  3. No paragraph can be less than three sentences.
  4. Each body paragraph should cite at least one piece of evidence that supports the topic sentence. 
  5. You must include at least one block quote.
  6. Your Works Cited page should include at least three different sources.
  7. Your paper should be formatted in MLA style.
  8. Papers must meet all the minimum requirements established by the MLA Checklist.

Country Assignment

It's time to choose your country. No, you cannot pick any country you want. Countries will be assigned through a sign-up process.

If you are absent on the day that we sign up for countries, please ask the teacher for your country assignment.