Mankind: The Story of All of Us


























































































Topic / Lesson



Against the Odds



First Seed



Written Word (The Great Pyrimid of the Pharaoh Khufu)



Forging Connections (Kanesh and the Bronze Age)



Modern Warfare (Battle of Megiddo)



Age of Iron (Sea People Attack Egypt)



Birth of Democracy (Persian Empire, Sparta, and Athens)



Human Tank



Interchangeable Success (First Emperor)



World Faith



Birth of Christianity



War Machine



Silk Road



Paul's Letters



Courage and Faith (Perpetua and Felicity)



Breaking Point (Sack of Rome)



Gold Rush (Islam's Golden Age)



Angel of Death



Easter Island



Passport to Heaven (Crusades)



Trip Point (Genghis Khan)



Invisible Carrier



End of the World



Convert or Die



Mummified Power



African Gold (Ibn Battuta Crosses the Sahara)



Cradle of Capitlaism



Gun Game Changer (Beginning of the Ming Dynasty)



Dream to Sail West



Reconquest of Spain



Vikings Head West



Aztec Legend



Fall of Constantinople



Uncharted Waters (Part 1: Bartolomeu Dias)



Uncharted Waters (Part 2: Christopher Columbus)



Quest for Power (Hernan Cortez and the Conquest of Mexico)



Universal Currency



Boom to Bust



Corn and Cooperation



Slave Trading



Uncountable Wealth (Shah Jahan and the Taj Mahal)



Witch Trial Hysteria



Breakthrough in Navigation



Unlocking Electricity



Colonists Rebel



Declaration of Independence



Democracy is Born



Factories and Railroads



Mapping Spread of Disease



Opium Trade Conflicts



American Civil War



Mass Production



Sinkable Titanic



Rubber Revolution



Power of Photography



War on Bacteria



Increasing Food Supply



Road Building Boom



Nuclear Power



Organ Transplantation



Mass Media