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Vikings Head West

1003. The Vikings land their dragon boats on the shore of Vinland. Thorvald and his men are unaware that Innu hunters are watching them from the woods.

The Vikings stand between the Innu and their canoes. When the Vikings turn away and start toward the chill pine forests, the Innu crawl through the brush and then make a run to the canoes. Afraid they will be spotted, they take shelter under one of the canoes, where they crouch motionless and terrified, unsure whether these are men or pale-skinned monsters from the shamans’ tales.

Halfway between the forest and the shore, Thorvald and his men stop. One of them has caught a flicker of movement from the corner of his eye. He points to the skin-covered canoes. Thorvald nods and motions the men forward.

The Vikings surround the canoes. they don’t know whether there is something under the canoes, but they have their weapons in hand—just in case. As soon as the Vikings upturn the canoes, the Innu spring to their feet, ready for a fight.

As fierce as the Vikings are, the Innu hold their own, wearing the trespassers down before escaping into the woods.

That night, as the Vikings sleep in tents around the fire, the Innu rush from the forest and attack the unprepared Vikings with bows and arrows. Thorvald is one of the first killed. Leaderless, the Vikings grab his body and retreat to their boats. They have had enough. The survivors—what is left of them—promptly leave for home.