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Reconquest of Spain

For 700 years Spain has been part of an Islamic Empire.

Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba, a novice commander in the Spanish army, and a Christian, is trying to unify the country. He forces the Muslim army into the stronghold of Granada in the South.


His men surround the city, armed with the latest Spanish weapon: the Harquebus rifle, a huge improvement over the first Chinese gun.

The stock fits into the shoulder for stability. A longer barrel gives the bullet better accuracy and speed. The real breakthrough comes with a trigger mechanism, a lever that operates an arm bringing a burning match cord down into the priming. This is why we now say ‘fire’ before shooting.

Alhambra Palace, a large fortress in the city of Granada, Spain.

Individual soldiers are now armed with weapons that are quite deadly, quite accurate, and extremely portable.

But the Moors are protected behind high walls patrolled by marksmen armed with crossbows.

Fernández becomes the father of trench warfare. A network of trenches protects the soldiers and provides them with cover to reload, as they keep moving closer. Between their new guns and trench warfare, they are able to win victory.

At The Alhambra Palace in 1492, Spanish Monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella celebrate their victory.

The Departure of Boabdil's Family from the Alhambra, painting by Manuel Gomez Moreno.

The Fairwell of King Boabdil at Granada, painting by Alfred Dehodencq.

Spain now has a taste for conquest and decides to expend their new wealth and power to fund Columbus’ exploration of the New World.