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Checklist 6: Works Cited Page


Did you cite at least three different sources in your paper? (Do you have at least three parenthetical citations)?


Are all three of your sources listed on your Works Cited Page?


Does the heading of your Works Cited page say "Works Cited" (plural) and not "Work Cited" (singular)?


Did you capitalize both the "W" and the "C" in "Works Cited"?


Did you capitalize every letter of "Works Cited"?

  • Only the "W" and the "C" should be capitalized.

Did you alphabetize the sources on your Works Cited page?

If not, follow these steps:

  • Select the block of text you want to move, then click on it and drag it to its new location.
  • When alphabetizing, numbers come before letters.

Did you use a hanging indent for each of the sources on your Works Cited page?

If not, follow these steps:

  • Select your first source (select the entire paragraph).
  • On the ruler bar, click on the triangle and slide it over to the half-inch mark. Now click on the rectangle and slide the first line back to the left margin.
  • Now repeat the process for your other sources.

Did you cite your online sources properly, using the 7-step formula?

Double-check that you have the following information, in the followng order:

  1. Author’s Name (Last, First).
  2. “Title of Article” (in quotation marks).
  3. Name of Website (in italics).
  4. Date of Article.
  5. Web. (That’s right, just write the word Web, with a capital “W”).
  6. Date you accessed the article.
  7. <URL> (in angle brackets).

Did you put a period between each of the seven pieces of information?


Does each entry on your Works Cited page look very much like this?

Last, First. “Title of Article.” Name of Website. 2 Jan. 2005. Web. 5 Feb. 2016. <>.


Did you force your Works Cited page to start on a fresh page?

If not, follow these steps:

  • Place your cursor in front of the “W” of Works Cited.
  • Hold down the Ctrl key while you tap Enter once.
  • This is the proper way to "force" a new page. Now you can make changes to the body of your document without affecting your Works Cited page.

Did you force your Works Cited page to start on a fresh page by pressing Enter multiple times?

  • That's the wrong way to do it. Follow the instructions for the proper way to force a new page (above).

Does your Works Cited page also include a header, just like the rest of your paper?


Did you create a separate file for your Works Cited page?

  • Do not keep your Works Cited page in a separate file. Your entire document should be in one file.

Did you format your dates properly? Your dates should look like this:

7 April 2015.



If you are citing an online article that does not have a date, did you indicate this fact by using the abbreviation "n.d."?

Note that the n.d. is not capitalized. Your citation should look like this:

Last, First. “Title of Article.” Name of Website. n.d. Web. 5 Feb. 2016. <>.


Did you remember to abbreviate the names of months which have more than four letters?

  • Abbreviate the months by putting a period after the first three letters.
  • Therefore, a date like 7 September 2014 should look like this:
    • 7 Sep. 2014.

If I paste your URL's into a browser, will they take me to the specific article you are citing (and not just to the homepage of some large organization)?



Will any of your URL's take me to a homepage with links to many articles (as opposed to the specific article you are citing)?

URL's like this are not acceptable:



Did you remember to place your URL's within angle brackets?

Your URL's should look like this:



If you cite a source that is NOT a webpage (for example, a book, magazine, DVD, YouTube, etc.), did you look up the proper way to cite it?

  • To look up the way to cite something properly, do a Google search for "MLA how do I cite a ____?"
  • You might also check out Purdue Owl, a very good site for looking up anything related to MLA.

Did you remove any hyperlinks that appear on your Works Cited page (or anywhere else on your paper?

  • There should never be any blue, underlined words in your paper that indicate a hyperlink. This is an academic paper, not a webpage.
  • To remove a hyperlink, Right click on the hyperlink (somewhere near the beginning of the hyperlink).
  • Click Remove.

Do you have any sources on your Works Cited page that you did not cite in the body of your paper?

  • If you haven't cited a particular source in the body of your paper, it does not belong on your Works Cited page. (A Works Cited Page is not the same thing as a bibliography, which includes everything you looked at).

Did you use an online "citation generator" to format you citations?

  • Using an online generator to format your citations is like using a firehose to extinguish a cigarette. You're probably going to create more problems than you solve. Honestly, these generators cannot do the job of citing your sources any easier or more accurately than you can. In fact, they often make your job harder, because they force you to look for page numbers, publishers, editors, and other pieces of information which are not necessary for you to include in the kind of paper that you are writing. So go back and learn the 7-step formula and format your citations the easy way--by typing in each of the seven pieces of information in the proper order.

Is the gap between the entries on your Works Cited page wider than the normal gap between double-spaced lines of text?

If so, you're line/paragraph settings are still incorrect. Use checklist # to fix the problem.