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Checklist 4: Extra Spaces


Does your paper have extra large spaces (big gaps) between your paragraphs?

This is a mistake! Take these steps:

  • First, take out any obvious extra spaces between paragraphs by placing your cursor at the end of the previous paragraph, then pressing delete (Alt + Backspace). Keep tapping the delete key until the gap closes.
  • Now, click Edit, Select All.
  • On the toolbar, click on Line Spacing, Custom Spacing, and in the box that says Paragraph Spacing, make sure that the Before box and the After box are both set to 0.

Did you put extra spaces between your sentences?

  • Before the computer age, people were taught to put two spaces after a period (and before starting the next sentence). This is no longer a recommended practice.

Do you have extra spaces betwen words?

This is a mistake! Take them out!


Did you put an extra line (an extra large gap) between your title and the first line of your introduction?

This is a mistake! Take it out.