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Checklist 3: Title


Does your title give the reader a hint of your thesis?


Did you format your subtitle correctly? (study the example)t should looke like this:

Global Warming:
A Problem the World Cannot Afford to Ignore

Note that the colon that comes after the title, and the subtitle comes directly beneath the title (don’t double-space).


Did you capitalize every letter in your title?

  • Only capitalize the first letter of every word in your title, with the following exceptions:
  • Do not capitalize articles (a, the) unless the article is the first word of the title.
  • Do not capitalize coordinating conjunctions (and, or, but).
  • Do not capitalize prepositions (on, in, for, etc).

Did you bold and underline your title?


Did you italicize your title?


Did you use a larger font for your title than for the rest of your paper?

  • Your title should be in the same 12 pt. font as the rest of your paper.