Narrative Checklist


























Checklist 2: Top-Left Corner


Did you include your name, the professor’s name, the name of the course, the date, and the word count in the top-left corner of your paper (but not in the header). Study this example:

John Smith
Professor Tefel Hall
English Language Arts
29 January 2016
545 Words


Did you write the date like this?

  • 1/18/16
  • Did you single-space this block of information?
  • Did you make sure that it starts at the top of the page (right beneath the header)?
  • Did you make sure that it is flush with the left margin?

Did you capitalize the word "Words"? (See example)


Did you use a computer-generated word count that includes your title and Works Cited page?

  • On the menu, click Tools, Word Count.

Did you count the words by hand?