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Lesson 13: Identify Your Evidence

Now that you have put your source into your works cited page, it's time to identify the exact piece of evidence that you are going to use from this source.

Remember, it could be a:

  1. Statistic
  2. Fact
  3. Phrase
  4. Complete sentence
  5. Several sentences
  6. Entire parapgraph

Here, once again, are some examples:


Type of Evidence


Greece has more than 1,000 beaches.


The world-famous Parthenon is located in Athens.


The seafood you'll find in coastal villages is always fresh and delicious.

Complete Sentence

Greek people are some of the friendliest people in the world.

Several Sentences

Athens is known for its ancient culture. Monuments built by the Ancient Greeks can be seen everywhere.

An Entire Paragraph

My favorite place in the whole world is Greece. When I went with my family last year, we had a fantastic time. The food was delicious and the prices were reasonable. I can't wait to go back!



Once you have identified the exact piece of evidence that you are going to use from that source, it's time to put it into the body of your paper.

Lesson Steps

1. Select the sentence or sentences that you want to incorporate into your own paper and copy them onto your clipboard.

Paste the words into your paper.

  • While the words are still selected, right click.
  • From the pop-up menu choose clear formatting. This will ensure that you aren't also importing a bunch of code that may give you trouble later.

Make a decision: Are you going to put this information into your own words?

In the case of statistics and facts, it's usually best to put the information into your own words.

In the case of phrases and sentences, you could put them into your own words--(that's called an indirect quote)--but it's often not worth the trouble. If you have chosen a good quote, why not keep it intact? (That's called a direct qoute).

  • Indirect qotes do not get put within quotation marks.
  • Direct quotes do get put within quotation marks.

Add a parenthetical citation.

However you chose to handle your evidence in the previous step, you must now cite your source properly by adding a parenthetical citation with the last name of the author of your source.


Check Your Work.

If you have followed the previous steps correctly, your paper should now look very much like this:

Sample Paper


Congratulations! You're done with this lesson.