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Lesson 1: Create a File

Today you are going to create a Google Doc and give it a proper file name.

Lesson Steps


Login to your Google Account.

  • Do you know your username and password?

Create a Google Doc.


Give your document a proper file name.

  • At the top left corner of your document you should see a box that says "Untitled Document."
  • Click on the box and give your document a proper file name. Follow this example:
    • Sweden Pro

The "Pro" after your country's name means that this is your first paper—the one in which you argue that your country is a wonderful vacation destination.


Close your document and log out of your account. Now log back in and find your document again.

  • Did you remember your password?
  • Were you able find the document you created?

Congratulations! You are done with this lesson.