Country Reports






























































1) Initial Formatting

CR 00



CR 01

Create a Google Doc


CR 02

Check Your Settings


CR 03

Delete and Backspace


CR 04

Create a Header


CR 05

Top-Left Corner


CR 06

Your Title


CR 07

Works Cited Heading



2) 1st Body Paragraph

CR 08

Types of Paragraphs


CR 09

Sandwich Paragraphs


CR 10

What is Evidence?


CR 11

Start Your Research


CR 12

First Source in Works Cited Page


CR 13

Identify Your Evidence


CR 14

Add a Signal Phrase


CR 15

Add a Topic Sentence


CR 16

Wrap it Up


CR 17

Transition Phrases


CR 18

Don't Teach Me, Persuade Me


CR 19

Use Words That Sell


CR 20

Your Second Body Paragraph


CR 21

Third Body Paragraph


CR 22

Format your block quote


CR 23

How to use "qtd. in".


CR 24

Put your paragraphs in a logical order


CR 25

Write your Introduction


CR 26

Write Your Conclucions


CR 27

Parallel Construction in your Introduction


CR 28

Parallel Construction your Conclusion


CR 29

Clean Up Your Works Cited Page


CR 30

Clean Up Your Spacing