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Lesson 23: Saving with Different File Names

Each time you save your work (or at least every 15 minutes), save your work under a different file name. For example, I saved drafts of my files for this manuscript like this: 

MLA Tutorial 1.docx
MLA Tutorial 2.docx
MLA Tutorial 3.docx

There are two good reasons for saving your files in this manner.

  1. If a file crashes, you can always go back to your last draft.
  2. All your preliminary drafts can serve as evidence that you indeed did your own work, and you didn’t just plagiarize your paper.

If I suspect that you have plagiarized your paper, I may ask to see your preliminary drafts.

Check Your Understanding:

  1. Why is it important to save your file under a different name, each time you save your work?

Quiz: MLA 23