MLA Tutorial

























MLA 01

Introduction to MLA



MLA 02

Importance of a Thesis



MLA 03

Presenting Evidence



MLA 04

Chicago Style vs. MLA Style



MLA 05

The 7-Step Formula



MLA 06

Devil in the Details



MLA 07

In-Text Citations



MLA 08

Citing Statistics



MLA 09

Using Signal Phrases



MLA 10

How to Write Appositives



MLA 11

The Name Rule



MLA 12

The Big Four Signal Phrase



MLA 13

Quoting a Full Sentence



MLA 14

Quoting a Phrase



MLA 15

Quoting More Than One Sentence



MLA 16

Block Quotes



MLA 17

Dropped Quotes



MLA 18

Citing the Source of an Entire Paragraph



MLA 19

Two Unforgivible Mistakes



MLA 20




MLA 21

Academic Dishonesty



MLA 22

It's Your Responsibility



MLA 23

Saving with Different File Names



MLA 24

Plagiarism Pledge