Word Order

In the English language, special prominence is given to the last word in a sentence. In other words, a word (or phrase) that is placed at the end of a sentence carries more "weight" than a word (or phrase) placed at the beginning or in the middle.

Imagine, for example, that you have written the following sentence:

What you have done, intentionally or not, is emphasize the fact that the gun is in his hand (as opposed to some other place where the gun might be).

Probably, what you meant to emphasize was the fact that he had a gun, in which case you should have placed "gun" at the end of the sentence, like this:

That sentence certainly carries more punch.

As a writer, you must become aware of the importance of word order, and if there is a word (or phrase) that you want to emphasize, you should try to place it at the end of the sentence.

Every sentence ought to be arranged so that the punch word (or sometimes punch phrase) comes last.


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