Starting a Sentence with a Fanboy

Can you start a sentence with a fanboy?

It's the subject of some debate. After all, isn't the idea of these words that they link two elements together? However, you can use them to link two sentences, positioning the linking word at the start of the second sentence.

The above is a good example of starting a sentence with a coordinate for dramatic effect. You might also use this device to convey surprise.

Or to place extra emphasis on the second part.

Breaking the rules and positioning your linking word at the start of a sentence can be a very useful device to subtly convey meaning to your reader and add extra interest to your work. However, use it too much and it will quickly lose its power!

Instructions for the Quiz

Each sentence on the quiz is a compound sentence connceted by a fanboy. Your job is to split the sentence up into two sentences.


You can split this sentence up in either one of these two ways: