Starting a Sentence with a Fanboy

Can you start a sentence with a fanboy?

Yes. Professional writers do it all the time. Here are some examples:

Granted, some of these sentences might work better as compound sentences.

But it's okay to occassionaly start a sentence (or a paragraph) with a Fanboy.

And if an English teacher ever tells you that you can't, tell them to go jump in a lake.

Reminder: There are seven fanboys altogether, but by far the most common are "and" and "but".

  • for
  • and
  • nor
  • but
  • or
  • yet
  • so



Instructions for the Quiz

Write two sentences. Start the second sentence with a fanboy (coordinating conjunction). The two sentences should be connected logically.

Sample Answer:

Olivia turned in her application. But she forgot to include the fee.