Review: Prepositional Phrases

You already know the first of the six phrase patterns: the prepositional phrase. Let's review it briefly.

Study the following examples. The prepositional phrases have been highlighted.


Sentences with Prepositional Phrases


The tiger crept slowly over the grass.


The boss was thrilled at their attitude.


Major fires raged across the park.


Alice could not see beyond the hill.


Instructions for the Quiz

Identify the underlined words.

Example 1:

Sheila dove into the pool.

  • main clause
  • prepositional phrase.


The answer is B, because "into the pool" is a prepositional phrase. (It starts with a preposition, and the preposition is followed by a noun).

Example 2:

Desite the heat, Edward exercised all day.

  • main clause
  • prepositional phrase.


The answer is A, because "Edward exercised" is a complete clause. ("Edward" is not a preposition; "Edward" is the subject of the clause, and the subject is followed by a verb).