Breaking the Rules (2)

Consider this sentence:

Is that sentence punctuated correctly? Of course not! By now you know that there are only two ways to join independent clauses:

Therefore, the correct way to punctuate that sentence would be:

Nonetheless, many professional writers would agree that in this particular case, it is "acceptable" to leave out the comma, because the clauses are fairly short and the author is trying to convey a sense of speed or urgency.

Here are some more examples:

Instructions for the Quiz

Write a sentence with two clauses. Join the clauses with "and", but leave out the comma that you would normally place before "and".

Make sure that each clause has a different subject.

Note: Keep in mind that you are writing a sentence that is grammatically incorrect!

And you should probably never do it again—unless you become a professional writer. Only after you have mastered the rules of grammar are you allowed to break them!