Common Mistakes





























there / their / they're


  1. Most of the time, there means “at that place” (the opposite of "here").
    • I went there to meet my brother.
    • I found my wallet over there.
  2. When placed at the beginning of a sentence, there often has little meaning other than "something exists."
    • There are ghosts in that haunted house.
    • There is an old house on the corner.



belongs to them

  • All of those kids with their contagious laughter really made my day.
  • They didn’t want to see all of their hard work go to waste.



"they are" or "they were".

  • They’re going to a party tomorrow.
  • You should meet my work friends; they’re a real hoot.


Instructions for the quiz:

Choose the proper spelling of the word that fits in the sentence.


I love going to __________ house; it's so comfortable.









In this example, the answer is B, because the house belongs to them.