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Writing Skills

    Unit Description

Typing Club

Learn to touch type without looking at the keyboard.


Basic Writing Skills

Learn to avoid the most common mistakes that I see at the 7th grade level.


Intermediate Writing Skills

Master the skills that you'll need for 8th grade and high school.


Advanced Writing Skills

Study the techniques that advanced writers know.


Other Units





Adversarial Method

A short unit that explains the importance of a thesis.



Start your own blog and publish it on the internet.


Book Club

Engage in discussions about your favorite books.


Creative Writing

Capture your imagination on paper.


Current Events Report

Read and write about current events.


Essay Writing

Master the 5-paragraph essay.


Fascinating Facts

Travel to any country in the world, and then write a letter to a friend.



Learn the rules of syntax and punctuation.


Greatest Salesman in the World

Transform your life with the power of these 10 secret scrolls.


Independent Reading

Read anything you want, and earn points by writing about it.


Informative Writing

Informative / Explanatory


Journal Writing

Write about your opinions, thoughts, and experiences.



Study literary terms such as metaphor, simile, hyperbole, understatement, oxymoron, etc.


MLA Tutorial

Learn how to format a paper in MLA style. MLA is a standard format used for high school and college papers.


Narrative Writing

Study the craft of storytelling.



Improve your comprehension of non-fiction texts.



This unit offers a bit more guidance than "Independent Reading".


Persuasive Writing

This unit guides you through the process of writing an argumentative research paper, formatted in MLA style.



Feel the power of poetry.


Public Speaking

Earn points by speaking in front of an audience.



Research a topic and write about it.


Short Story (Reading)

Allow me to guide you through some of my favorite short stories.


Short Story (Writing)

Write a short story.


Tech Tips

Keyboard tips that will save you time.



Learn 256 words that appear frequently on standardized tests.